Tuesday, April 10, 2012

day 100

100 by kristin~mainemomma
100, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

100 days (yesterday) of this new year gone.
100 photos taken.
100 little blurbs written each day so my not so sharp brain can look back and remember. so far i have shot:

  • 15 shots of mugs (or drinks)
  • 25 shots of something i am either cooking or eating
  • 9 shots of us in varies stages of "sick"
  • 8 shots of feet
  • 1 concert
  • 3 birthdays

it is funny to look back and see what you stopped to notice. i hope the next 100 has a whole lot less "sick" and a whole lot more sun and play.

are you still on the 365 (oops 366. leap year) wagon?
i am determined to complete this one.
so far so good.

if only i could channel that same determination into exercise... lol


Mousy Brown said...

I am 30 days behind you as I started my 366 on the 1st of Feb...but 70 days done and still enjoying every moment. I did 365 last year and just carried on so I guess at the moment I'm really on day 435...and like you how I wish I found exercise as much fun! :D

Sarah Jane said...

I'm still going! Haven't been regularly posting them, and I haven't even been going through my photos once they're uploaded for weeks at a time, but I've been faithfully been taking at least one a day. Love that you sorted out some of your most popular things. I'm guessing I have at least 25 food related shots. :-)

Michele H. said...

I was pretty bummed that I missed taking a photo on the 100th day. But I'm still going strong. I've started to embrace my phone camera as well:)

sarah jean, said...

on the 366 train with you, but i'm taking it month by month as to not overwhelm myself ;) didn't even make a 366 set...just month by month. thanks for the inspiration to look back, even right now to see what i've been seeing! x