Friday, May 18, 2012

8 candles

yesterday one delicious (and i never say that about my cakes, but this one truly was) chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting (o.m.g. so fluffy and good) decorated with his birthday wish of lego batman, was adorned with 8 candles to wish upon. as you can see by the photo above, wishing is serious business for my little boy. :)
i love how intently he wished.
and how patiently his sister waited while he wished.

it was a gorgeous sunny spring day.
a beautiful day to turn 8.

happy 8 my sweet kellen. i hope your wish comes true.

love, momma


pencilfox said...

the seriousness of that wish: may it come true. [it had BETTER come true....!]

sweet sister in wait.
sweet cake a'waitin'....

happy 8.

Imene Said Kouidri said...

Wishing you a happy birth day and your son a happy birthday!
the cake sounds delish