Thursday, May 03, 2012

scent of spring

122 by kristin~mainemomma
122, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.
the lilacs are finally here.
they are my favorite.
thank goodness there are many wild bushes of them where i can gather and bring them home. i picked up some purple while my mom was visiting, then the other night i stopped and brought home a handful of white ones. i fear all the rains may make for a shorter life than normal for them. maybe i need to go gather some more.
i took a walk in the woods by my home last weekend. the wild lily of the valley were pushing up. no blooms that day, but soon. so so soon. then i will be gathering them by the handfuls. oh they smell divine.

spring favorites:
favorite sound: spring peepers
favorite flower: lilac
favorite thing to do: open some windows
favorite smell: first fresh cut grass
favorite first: wash on the line

do you have a favorite sign of spring?


Mami Dearest said...

Seeing your lilacs remind me of my mom. She would have huge bouquets of them throughout our house. She died of cancer when I was 15, she was 31. I think I can smell them....

pencilfox said...

i think lilacs must smell like heaven....

DebbieInGeorgia said...

I am so jealous,its already so hot down here that flowers that should be blooming are just dying off , I do have your lovely lilac shot tho in my bedroom to view all the time :)

Tamara said...

wildflowers! where i live we have lupine which is a beautiful blue with a musky, sweet scent, and our state flower {the california poppy} that's a vibrant orange. while they're everywhere with even the smallest amount of open space, if i drive 45 minutes east i can reach countryside with fields of flowers as far as the eye can see. this year i'm going to make a point of making the drive.