Wednesday, July 04, 2012

summer moments

183 by kristin~mainemomma
183, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.
moments are what photography is all about for me. the real moments. capturing a moment and forever holding it in time and space to remember long after i or we have forgotten. ordinary/extraordinary moments, those are my favorite kind. the everyday kind that make up a beautiful life. the messy, fun, silly kind. the quiet kind. even the sad kind. each a thread that when woven together they make up the fabric of your life. this is why i pick up my camera. this is what keeps me picking up my camera. my passion for moments.... our moments.

Shutter Sisters is celebrating the word "moment" all of July and have partnered up with Haagen-Dazs in their 50 Summer Moments project. Click on over to Shutter Sisters to learn more about all the fun. one of your images could be chosen to be in their Summer Moments book!

what moments are your favorite? summer moments might be mine. like last night at the park; the sun was setting behind my kids, they had brought their bubbles along, kellen was holding the jar while casey spun in circles creating a stream of tiny bubbles. just an ordinary moment, but one i knew would hold a bit of magic through my lens, and in my heart.

summer is full of these little moments. fountain fun, beach play, popsicles, the wonder of a summer rain, fresh lemonade, wildflowers, summer skin.
oh yes, i do love summer.

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Aimee Giese said...

You are one of my favorite photographers because you are SO GOOD at capturing the moments.