Thursday, September 13, 2012


scenes from today...
running her tongue over the spot.  checking it all out in the mirror.
feeling it with her fingers and saying, "it feels WEIRD!"

same old nose wrinkle.
same warm brown eyes.
same witty awesome funny bright casey.
brand new smile.

she did not leave it under her pillow tonight for the tooth fairy.  she says she wants to take it to school tomorrow to show her new friends, then she will leave it for the tooth fairy tomorrow night. 
officially the last of the front teeth to be lost in this house. 
my baby is growing up. 


Vanessa Castoe said...

She's so freaking adorable!

Alison Bents said...

Love that nose wrinkle! She's a gem, I think you should keep her.

beth lehman said...

you caught some great ones here!! i love her looking at the side mirror!!!

Tamara said...

priceless post...just wonderful. :)

Technician 101 said...

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Danielle said...

The photos I took of my daughter's toothless grin are among my very favorite....she is now almost 18...and her smile is worth about $3,000 (she had braces as a pre-teen)...we should have saved those coins the tooth fairy brought ;)

sarah jean, said...

when our littlest lost her front teeth, i remember how bittersweet it was. ( )

casey is precious that wrinkled up nose & sparkling warm eyes!

her sweet spirit shines through.

Carmen Farrell said...

You know what's going to be the weirdest? When she has 2 front teeth! That's totally going to change her look. I'm so used to seeing at least one gap!