Monday, October 01, 2012

NOW YOU : Digging Deeper

 “Look within. Within is the fountain of good;
 and it is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig.” 
~ Marcus Aurelius

Meredith Winn and I are happy to announce our brand new e-course, the second in our series of online self portraiture classes,  NOW YOU :: Digging Deeper.  Digging Deeper is a 6 week e-course that will guide you further on your self portrait journey. This course is designed for those women already on the path of self exploration, who are seeking a community and teachers to guide them in digging a bit deeper into self.  It is a great continuation journey for those who have taken our NOW YOU :: The Beginning class or for anyone already comfortable in front of their lens.

 Themes to be explored in NOW YOU :: Digging Deeper
  •  all of you 
  •  your soundtrack 
  •  comfort zone 
  •  bits & pieces 
  •  stripped down  
  •  wishes & dreams
In this course we will explore full body images, learn our comfort zones (and break through those barriers), focus on favorite details, strip away our vulnerabilities in image and processing, and face our fears and wishes while setting them free through intentional photography.
Materials for this 6 week journey are;  you, your camera (any camera. iphone, point and shoot, film, dslr.  ALL levels welcomed here.), and a journal.

is this a photography course? yes, it’s a photography course taught by photographers (Meredith and myself) but it is so much more than that. At NOW YOU Workshops, we use our cameras as tools to explore the concept of self. Photography is simply our visual medium. While we will be guiding you on your self portrait journey, this course is not focusing on the technical aspects of photography or processing photos. Our community is 100% supportive; therefore, images will not be critiqued based on technical perfection. And while we are open to discussing our photographic process (gear, technique, post-processing, etc) this will not be the main focus of our class. In this course we will guide you through stretching your creativity and exploring your sense of self based on our weekly photographic themes.

 Join us for these six weeks of online collaboration and inspiration!
 registration opens today. (limited class size)
 Class begins Nov 5th and runs through Dec 14th.

 Class includes:
 Content delivered to your inbox four times a week.
 Weekly video from Meredith and myself.
 Private group where we gather to share images and inspiration throughout the duration of class.

Click over to read more about NOW YOU Workshops, our mantra and mission.
Visit our growing gallery of words and amazing images from women who participated in our first 2 classes.

If you are ready to see the you now,
to find your beautiful proof,
join us! sign up today.

These six weeks will be a great journey of self to fill your cup before the busy holidays that can overwhelm the month of December.
We hope you will join us.
See you in class!

1 comment:

sarah jean, said...

love that you two have started this. it's powerful.

hoping to join this first session.
trusting it will happen when the time is right.
knowing the exact women who need to be together will.
cheering you on, always.