Sunday, January 06, 2013

winter well

i received a lovely invite to participate in a new group on flickr, mosey + plod.
my friend sarah shared the story of her grandma jean's walking group.
they met every monday and walked.
every monday for 30 years!
amazing, inspiring, connection, friendship, dedication, grace.
now sarah and the lovely group who have joined mosey + plod get to meet each week and share walks all over the globe.
i think grandma jean would be proud.

today i took a few sunny moments to myself and walked baxter woods near my home.
it was sun on snowy goodness.

thank you sarah for creating this new space for us to gather and inspiring us to get out and share a walk. xo!


erin said...

gorgeous photos, kristin. i am loving the purpose and translation of this group, too. how many of us will there be? how many could there be?

happy end-of-weekend to you. xo

Sheeps and Peeps Farm said...

love the flare and the shadows... thanks for sharing your beautiful walk.

beth lehman said...

loved this walk!! what a great space and what looked like a lovely day. and some time to yourself, too. lovely. i found i've walked every day since sarah's invite.... sometimes more than once. amazing how getting outside can be so good for me... just 15 minutes with or without kids.... xo

sarah jean, said...

i'm thrilled to be able to call you one of my walking buddies & i look forward to a mosey together in person. x

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and have enjoyed my evening reading from the beginning. I look forward to following along with you in this new year.....


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