Friday, February 08, 2013

snow day birthday

my love, their "dad-da", celebrated another year around the sun today.
we woke early to the sound of the phone ringing saying school was closed. a blizzard was coming.
i peeked out the window and sure enough the white was already covering the once bare earth.  we broke the news to the little ones and then all crawled back under warm covers for some more zzzz's. we let the birthday boy sleep in, as i made coffee and cinnamon rolls and they gathered up their art and gifts and placed them on the table. they sang the birthday song at every meal throughout the day, adding their "cha-cha-cha!" flair to it each time.
i baked the cake, they added the batman (a tradition of sorts) and the candles.

we lazed about, read some, watched a movie, and ate a lot. i think it was a very cozy day.  i think he felt loved, which of course he is.  very much.

happy birthday to my guy.
i love you...
and so do they.

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Jill said...

Oh, how I love that photo of Jason and the kids. He looks so happy . . . it's making me kinda teary-eyed. Hope he enjoyed the cake!