Sunday, March 31, 2013

what i want to remember about 6...

your year of being six:
the first year you held a frog and loved it.
first time you danced on a big stage (hip hop and irish step. you rocked them both)
you fell in love with comic books, and graphic novels. especially liking the avengers.
you learned to hula hoop with ease.
you lost your other front tooth.
you were a witch for halloween.
you finished your first full year of school with the best kindergarten teacher ever, mrs falvey,
then began first grade at a brand new school and made fast friends. you adore school.
had your very first friend sleepover with your friend claire.
you learned how to scooter.
you read, write and spell like a champion.
your memory is uncanny!
you did your very first official school project on your birth state of PA and were so happy to dress like an Amish girl for the parade of states.
you fell in love with winter and sledding really really fast.
it was your year to put the star on top of our christmas tree.
you love milkshakes and cheeseburgers. you love to draw, play, and read read read.
you sleep with a bed FULL of stuffed loves.
yesterday you told me your favorite color is purple.
you mismatch your socks on purpose. i love your style.
your hair is wild and unruly and you like it that way.
you are tiny in size but huge in spirit!
you laugh and make us laugh, you dance all the time, you are a light.
you amaze us and make us so very proud.
6 was awesome!
tomorrow you are 7.
we love you so casey shea.


jag said...

I love that you do these for your kids... most amazing gift ever - to know how cherished they are! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CASEY (tomorrow :-)) xox

Cathy said...

This is jst the sweetest. Happy birthday Casey.

Siobhan Wolf said...

What a wonderful tribute to a child, to a year. And what a wonderful memory to have. Wishing your girl a most Happy Birthday and an incredible year being 7. I can't wait to see what that year will bring.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet girl and lovely memories of six!