Wednesday, April 24, 2013

gift of sun and warmth

last week we had the wonderful fortune to travel far south and leave the cold behind for a few days.
we took full advantage of this gift, soaking up every salty sunkissed moment we could.
a much needed visit with my mom and their "nanny".
it was good.
the soul recharging kind of good.
the deep down in our bones good.

nanny showing us around her home
lush tropical blooms, palms and blue sky
little island getaways
treasures and play
the most magical tree i have ever laid eyes on
treasures galore!
savoring our time together
pool fun. they were quite the fish by the time we left.
my favorite shot of our trip is this one shot below.
i had been throwing kellen and dunking him.
each time he'd pop up out of the water squealing for more!
he is not so little these days.
throwing him over and over wore me out  :)
i went to the beach blanket and got my back up, daddy.
daddy threw him much higher than i ever could.
i just LOVE this shot.

big huge thank you to my mom, "nanny" who made this possible for us.
love you!!!
it went far too quick.


michel said...

Hurray! I've been thinking of you and wondering when you were traveling south. Love all these captures of that week - so beautiful. There is nothing like swimming in warm ocean waters. xoxo m

Diane said...

I love your collection of the sun and warmth and joy of your florida vacation. So glad you got away and soaked up the sun!

Sherylis said...

beautiful pictures:)) I've explored your blog with the blogger function "Next blog" :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you all got away for some renewal. All these pix make me smile.