Tuesday, May 28, 2013

goodbye "teen" : aka 20 times around the sun

20 candles
that's a lot!
she asked for dinner at Olive Garden, and instead of a regular birthday cake she was craving cheesecake.  so cheesecake in hand and a whole box of candles we met her and her guy for dinner to celebrate her. i sewed her a quilt. i think she really liked it. i am glad. her brother and sister picked out a few little things just for her and made her some art. we all sang happy birthday and a few people from other tables in the restaurant chimed in too.  she turned 20 shades of red to match those 20 years of hers.
happy birthday to my first born.
t w e n t y.
taylor may this year be full of happiness and love.

next year i get to buy her a drink!


AFishGirl said...

Happy birthday to Taylor! A whole box of candles. Oh wow. Nodding. It sounds like a wonderful celebration.

tbstone said...

wait, this is crazy. we have the same name and same birthday and i turned the same age...