Wednesday, May 01, 2013

pretty in pink

hello may.
my you sure look good.

our youngest has been very ill since saturday.  scary sick. she is still not fully well, though now we think we may have a handle on what is causing it. waiting results from one more test. what we thought was viral may just be bacterial. she has not been out of bed much in days. she has seen the inside of 1 urgent care and 1 hospital in 2 days. (not fun) while she has been stuck inside, spring has been exploding outside. the cherry trees are amazing right now, but they never last very long.  the slow rain of pink petals has already begun. this afternoon i wanted her to see them. to stand under a tree and look up at the brightest blue sky. i didn't want her to miss it.  we stood right underneath the tree together and i think we each felt a little bit happier for it. 

 "if the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you,it will be enough." 
- m. eckhart

thank you sun.
thank you tree. 
thank you sky.
i am honored to be posting all this month at habit.


Cathy said...

Oh this must have been so scary. A few days of hell for you all. I am so sorry. This pink and the blue sky makes me happy. I hope it helped her too. xoxox

Dotti said...

It's so scary when our children get sick. Thinking of you all.

Katie said...

What a scary time you must've had. Hope she gets all the way better soon.

Beautiful photos, and congratulations on "habit", one of my favorite blogs !

Cathie (Smee72) said...

So glad she is on the mend Kristin. It's terrible when our babies are sick. xo

Alyson and Ford said...

I hope your daughter is well. I was just in Maine visiting my Mom and family; looks like you were in Florida, so we swapped places for a time. Loved the trees all budding out while I was home, it was a beautiful pink show!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

RH said...

Ricky Hanson says, wow, these flowers are beautiful. I love Maine.