Thursday, August 29, 2013

end of summer days

well it's truly here, the last week of august. summer's end. sigh. and as circumstances would have it, we are busy busy busy packing up house for our move this weekend. returning to our old beach town, just as it packs up for the season and becomes a quiet sleepy beachy town once more. we are all looking forward to sunday when we can settle into our new house and enjoy what is left of the weekend. so thankful monday is a holiday, one last day before the school year begins. 2nd and 4th graders this year. they are so very excited to be returning to old friends and teachers. it feels like a great start to the year already. saw many old friends last night at open house, and will see many more tonight at a back to school bbq. i love how little kids are so excited to see one another, hugging, and smiling... we adults should be so outward and forward with our emotions i think.. last night was thick fog and then rain. you can smell the ocean in the air this morning and the feeling of autumn so near.

happy thursday,
i am off for a little while now to finish packing...

savor these last days of august.

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nic said...

looks like you feel blessed by this summer (althougs days are busy right now), like i do.

this summer was so good to us and you and your beautiful family have been a part of all our blessings. it was such a pleasure meeting ou guys.