Tuesday, October 01, 2013


this was a full month, that went fast but felt long, if that makes ANY sense at all.
we started the month moving into our new space, right in the hustle of getting ready to return to school. it was exhausting emotionally and physically, but we made it through. we started school. (2nd and 4th grade) reconnected with friends. started soccer. said goodbye to the summer season with our annual photobooth strip at the arcade. autumn weather came fast and with it things like chili, and apple pie, and trips to the apple orchard. this month has been a yummy one for our CSA pickups, full of the ripest tomatoes. i think i was eating my weight in tomatoes for 3 weeks straight, and that is never a bad thing. we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and a job promotion. and just last night ended september with a beautiful sunset, while at soccer practice. 

goodbye september, you were pretty great.

hello october.

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