Sunday, February 02, 2014

hello ~ goodbye

january was a bit of a rough month. first off it was freaking cold! i know pretty much everywhere seems to be suffering this extreme cold this year, so i won't whine too much, but it can stop now. i'm all set on below freezing temps. we have not been outside the house much at all this month. we have been filling our time with books, and crafts, and layers which are all very nice things.  but still some blue sky and "temperate" winter weather would be welcomed.  then i got sick. i began working very part time at a pre-school. little kids in winter = runny noses coughs boogies GERMS!  i think there's a very good chance that's where i got a good dose of a respiratory virus that did not want to let go of my lungs.  i never use my inhaler except in winter,  then it's my sidekick. i am finally emerging from my cough. then last week i got in a minor car accident.  i am 41 years old (for 23 more days) and this is my first car accident EVER... well unless you count that time when i was 22 driving home around 1 am from my closing shift TGIFridays, when a guy on a motorcycle decided to run his harley under my little geo prism. i'm never sure if i count that as an accident or more of a "news of the weird" kind of event.  he hit my geo, lodged his harley under my geo, and then took off on foot up the hill to elude the cops.  drunk much?  yep. this recent accident, no one was hurt, i was in the car alone (so no frightened kids thank goodness!) but it was no fun. and my car was none too happy. i love my little subaru.

so january was a bit sucky.  i am not sad to see it end.  i welcome february.  a month full of birthdays under our roof.  my love is first and then i follow 17 days later. both of us welcome our 42nd trip around the sun.  though jason keeps saying it's his 29th birthday, i'm a good sport and willingly play along.  if he's turning 29 (cough cough) and i 42, i guess that secures me cougar status.  ;-)

so hello february.
i welcome your longer daylight, inching our way towards that elusive spring.


leaca said...

Oh my gosh! An accident, really? Plus everything else? Yikes. My SIL always reminds me that stuff like this comes in waves and then life will get back to normal. She has always given me that speech when I am feeling bad for someone else. This year she had to give it to me. It kind of sucked...I am not gonna lie. So now I am passing it on to you. =] This too will pass.

beth lehman said...

oh, k. that stinks. it does seem like things come in waves.... just knowing february is here and is a shorter month and that it's getting lighter each day is enormously comforting to me. and although it's wonderful to celebrate birthdays... that carries it's own kind of stress too! here's to a 'temperate' and sunshiny february! xo

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the accident wasn't real bad and the kids were not in there, whew, but still no fun at all. I'm hoping your February will be filled with a little more sunshine and wellness. Much love to you over there.

Love your friend

kate said...

happy you're okay, and yes: every day we get that much closer to green grass and bare feet.

Cathy said...

I am so happy the breast scare turned out good. I am happy you guys had a healthy winter. It is good to see pink! It is good to see you here. So good. xoxo

Stephanie Waters said...

It's disheartening that you had to experience all those mishaps in a span of one month. Anyway, with regard to your accident, I’m glad that you got out from it safe and fine. I just hope you filed a complaint to the police, so they can watch out for that person, and hopefully prevent him from causing anymore accidents in the future. Take care!

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