Tuesday, April 01, 2014

seven to eight

seven was...

  • long hair that always knots, lately pulled up "in a high pony" you tell me.
  • big girl teeth and that awesome smile (you still get that crinkle in your nose)
  • played your first team sport, soccer, decided it wasn't really for you.
  • love to dance and sing and dance and jump . did i mention dance?   :)
  • learned to ride your bike and swim in a pool! (2 HUGE milestones)
  • took your very first airplane ride (wasn't your favorite... guess you take after me there.) 
  • grew out your bangs
  • fantastic reader, preferring science books to chapter books
  • you have beautiful handwriting
  • crazy good speller
  • hula hooper
  • irish stepper
  • wonderful sister 
  • stuffed animal LOVER/hoarder ;)
  • nature lover, beach comber, wave jumper, snow tuber
  • you adored the movie Frozen this year singing all the songs over and over to us
  • brand new pierced ears!!!! (milestone)
  • funny sweet silly smart sassy fun energetic artistic beautiful you
today you are eight.
and i know for certain, eight will be GREAT!
happy birthday to our wildflower.

 wish BIG my sweet girl



Susan said...

Oh so sweet, Kristin! Happy birthday to your girl!

beth lehman said...

what a fabulous list... i love that you do this for your kiddos (and your momma heart!!)! happy birthday to you both!! xo

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! eight will be great! I feel honored to have watch your beautiful girl grow before my eyes! I love the things you wrote about her. You are a really great mom. Love your friend Tracie and of course a very happy birthday to your new eight year old beauty.

Diane said...

Lovely mama! such joy and delight you have captured.

Cathy said...

i love your birthday list and the way you make a collage of their year. such a gift. happy belated birthday to your sweet girl. I know your heart is full. xoxo