Friday, May 16, 2014

nine was... AWESOME

here we are again, the cusp of another year gone by.
oh my heart, seriously getting choked up thinking tomorrow you will be TEN!
T E N !
2 whole hands!
your very first decade!
that's big stuff. huge. (where are my tissues?)

kellen nine was, in a word, AWESOME!
(cue The Lego Movie song, "Everything Is Awesome!", totally appropriate for this birthday and year.)

when i think of you at age nine i want to remember:
  • pokemon
  • soccer (LOTS of soccer)
  • you discovered international 'futbol' and Lionel Messi became your favorite player. Go Barcelona!
  • your year of drawing artist trading cards and after-school art club
  • you discovered the magic of Harry Potter
  • watched some fun "big kid" movies this year: Avengers, The Hobbit, The First Harry Potter movie, and of course loved The Lego Movie, and can't forget Olaf from Frozen
  • this was the year you decided to grow your hair long and seems your legs are growing a lot right along with your curls
  • still love your stuffed animals, legos, and "purple"
  • discovered Minecraft
  • can't get enough comic books and love going to any comic book convention you can, plus Free Comic Book Day (becoming a tradition)
  • you love pizza, lobster, ice cream, tuna sandwiches, the beach, drawing, reading, walks in the woods, playing with your sister and friends
  • had a great 4th grade year with Mr. Porier and your first year of middle school!
  • you became pretty good at body surfing this past summer, and tried snowboarding this past winter
  • snow tubed for the first time
  • dressed up as a mad scientist with big orange hair for Halloween and Harry Potter for school.
  • ran in your second 5K, The Color Run with your daddy
you are kind, creative, hard working, sweet, the best brother, best boy I have the privilege of knowing.

kellen, thank you for making my everyday more special just by being you.
i love you so.
happy last day of nine sweet one.


Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday to your big 10 year old. Faith will be 10 in October and I'm already mentally preparing myself.

Cathy said...

Oh my, nine was a stellar year for sure. Happy Birthday to your boy.