Sunday, October 19, 2014

october hello

well i have neglected this space terribly through summer and here we are well into october!
life is good, and full, and busy.
we moved.
we settled in.
we soaked up as much summer as possible.
a girl i love cut 9 inches of her hair off and donated it.
a boy i love played a fall season of soccer where he really bloomed into a good scorer this year. (having only scored one goal all last year)
school is in full swing and they are both doing amazing (3rd and 5th graders!!!)
that soccer playing boy, picked up the trumpet and is giving it a try.
making me i am a soccer momma and band momma.  :)
we are busy readying up for winter.  ordered and stacked 3 cords of wood.  this is a new life skill for us having never had a wood stove before now. we are excited to see how well we do this winter with it.  learning curve!
i've been making a lot more crock pot meals lately, they seem to suit the colder weather.
we have yet to fit in our annual apple picking trip. and we have a porch full of pumpkins waiting to be carved. halloween is fast approaching too! i better finish up those costumes.
busy gathering leaves, bittersweet and chestnuts.
taking walks and leaf peeping drives.
getting outside as much as possible before winter gear is required...

some recent photos:

 pre haircut

 after   :)
 happy october everyone.

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