Monday, December 08, 2014


yesterday was tree day. 
one of my very favorite days of the year. 
and this the first of many christmases in our new home.
we were gifted sunshine and blue skies!
grab a saw. 
walk til we find "the one".
cut it down.
see santa. (casey asked for 2 stuffed puppies, and kellen a new land of stories book) 
pick out a special ornament for the year. (kellen picked a wooden winter scene and casey a hedgehog)
drink warm cider and eat a hot cider donut & free candy cane.
drive it home.
deck the halls. (in your fuzzy pjs)
place the star. (this year was Casey's turn)
then grab your pillows, blankets and art stuff and just hang out right there under your tree.

a truly wonderful day.
all is merry and bright.


Andrea said...

Lovely. Sounds like the perfect tree-getting day!

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds so very wonderful, loving and down right picteresque. The tree is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your day with us!


Kimberly June said...

What a wonderful tradition. Memories that will be cherished forever.

sarah jean, said...

what a great tree! the lights are magnificent and merry. everyone has grown so much. love love love.

Eleaca Young said...

traditions make the holidays so perfect. love this.