Thursday, April 28, 2011


you can

: laugh again after unspeakable loss. joy will wind it’s way around scars that will never unknot within you – like smiling ivy warming tree roots.

: triple your income. jump a “class bracket”. pay cash. never worry again about if you have enough money to do what you want.

: be one week from filing divorce papers and see that he’s the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. (oh yes, I know of what I speak.)

: get over not getting what you thought you wanted to get but never got from your parents – because at some point, you need to get on with getting what you want in the here and now. (give your folks a break.)

: have never walked a full mile and become one of those people who not only runs many miles but LOVES to run. This happens, I’ve heard tell.

: where you used to fill space and time to avoid the terror of stillness, you can actually rest in the peace of your radiant mind. calm permeating.

: come out of the closet, stand in front of your family, and commit to the one you love in full colour and pride.

: lose the weight – permanently. yes, forever.

: hug the person who you sold you down the river when you run into her on the street years later — and mean it.

: start.

: finish.

: cure yourself.

: melt into love.


***i read this here and wanted to pass it along, just as she did.

we can.


Lee said...

Isn't Danielle brilliant?! Thanks for re-printing. Great way to start my day :) Enjoy yours.

kristen said...

i needed this SO much this morning kristin, thank you. thank you. xoxo

i am mama lola said...

love it. much needed after today. thank you.

Tracee said...

Thank you.

ELK said...

this brought tears to my eyes know the surprising ones that kind of sting ...its a good thing..