Tuesday, March 31, 2015

eight was great

eight was great!

what i want to remember about you at 8:
  • 8 was the year you conquered a few fears. 
  • you learned how to ride your bike solo and we went on our first ever family bike ride.
  • by the end of last summer you were tackling the bigger ocean waves right along side your brother on your boogie board.
  • you cut 8 inches off your hair and donated it to pantene's beautiful lengths to help make a wig for patients fighting cancer
  • you were ladybug girl for halloween
  • we moved into a house of our own and welcomed a puppy into our family.
  • you discovered taylor swift
  • you mastered your cartwheel
  • you dyed your hair purple... then blue... then more purple.
  • you danced in the nutcracker
  • a photo of you sledding was in our local newspaper
  • you ran for class president
  • became a great partner in the kitchen wanting to help cook and bake more
  • learned how to hand sew, needlepoint and latch hook
  • you love to draw, dance, sing, play and laugh your big laugh (i hope you ALWAYS do)
  • you still ADORE all things tiny
  • we may need an extension on our house for all your beanie boos
  • you are an amazing speller/story writer and all around student
today is your last day of 8.
i asked a few questions this morning while bouncing on your bed exclaiming today is your last day of eight!!! eight is great!!!!! (she asked me to stop bouncing) :)
what's your favorite color? BLUE AND YELLOW
what's your favorite song? SUGAR (by Maroon 5)
your lucky number is 3 
what's your favorite food? SPAGHETTI
what's your favorite subject at school? SCIENCE
tomorrow you wake to a new year around the sun.
happy birthday eve sweet girl.
i love you.


Anonymous said...

I sure loved reading about how great eight was for your littlest girl! 8" too, what are the chances!! xo and happy birthday to darling her.


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