Tuesday, March 31, 2020

last day of 13

what i want to remember about 13:

  • short hair / to green hair / to longer curly purple hair / back to shaved head
  • doc martens with rainbow laces 
  • knee high tube socks
  • hoodies all day every day 
  • first pair of prescription 👓 glasses (purple frames of course)
  • attended our first pride parade 🏳️‍🌈 
  • teaching yourself how to play the ukulele 
  • sax solos in jazz band
  • leadership school at camp kieve last april and this february 
  • got the part of diana in your school production of anne of green gables
  • went vegetarian 
  • ramen and thai milk tea with mango pop
  • making bead bracelets 
  • sewed your first quilt 
  • discovered you prefer lakes to the ocean
  • love to sit in your room on your phone watching videos with your headphones on.
  • favorite things: band~BTS, book & movie ~Call Me by Your Name, color~purple, food~ramen, favorite game~animal crossing, favorite animal~ frogs & snails, song ~ mikrokosmos, favorite flavor ice cream-chunky monkey

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