Wednesday, March 14, 2007

no pictures please!

hey just back from my weekend whirlwind trip to my hometown PA... My dad turned 60 so was taking the grandkids to surprise him on his birthday brunch. though this was the reason for my trip, got to spend time with many others along the way. stopped half way down and had a really nice visit with Nana Linda and Paul and Z dog in CT... Kellen even slept in a big boy bed for the very first time there. he did great, stayed in bed all night . casey and Nana slept downstairs so i could get a restful sleep for the drive the next day. (thank you Nana).... Then back in the car and on the road for PA. i knew in my mind it would be warmer, but boy it was like spring when we got there! sunshine, no snow, lots of ducks at the park and geese flying in the sky. so outdoors we went! Amy, Nona and my gang went to the park and played on the swings. it was SO wonderful feeling the warmth and being with my great friends. recharged my batteries in more ways than one. had a delicious pot roast diner and chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting (drool) . Kellen and Nona had their 2 year old struggles , magnified by the fact that my 2 year old did not get a nap for 3 days straight!!!! OMG! but we survived with a few tears. just growing pains for little ones... "mine! no stop it....grrrrrr.......then hug.....i'm sorry"...and so it goes. they really do love eachother and now that we are back home my little man will be asking for amy and nona on a daily basis..."momma , where's nona? momma, where's amy? go swings??"

so then the main event...made it to brunch before everyone else. got pop-pop a balloon and took our seat and waited. "SURPRISE!!!! HAPPY BDAY POP-POP!" and we did surprise him. i think he was really touched and so was i that he was. we Seidel's have trouble showing emotion, but it was there , thick in the air, i could feel it!!! love you dad! then 1 more night with all the gang, Mike , Amy, Nona, (baby yet to be named, growing in Amy's belly) , Jen, Dewey and Cisco. thanks for all the fun!! thanks for all the food! a special thank to holland clan for sharing their home with us weary travelers! i know the noise level in your home rose well above the norm while we were all there. we miss you all already. but yes back up north in our snow and cold, yet not as cold as when i left, so maybe spring is on its way to us as well...

oh yeah and thank you to my loving hubby who toiled while we played. we had settled on our new house 2 weeks ago and our attempt at setting up house the first week was foiled by a snowstorm., so hubby was left with big sissy to move all the furniture in and set up house. they (ok mostly HE) did a great job and we came home to our new house ready for us. so thank you daddy.

and as for "no pictures please" i have none... zero , zilch, nada! my camera base and or battery quit the day before i left for my trip. so i was cameraless my entire visit. i felt like i was missing an arm! i do love pictures and to take pictures! so sorry folks, no least for now.


Reen said...

I am beyond shocked to find no pictures! What a pain. I hate when things break. Perhaps Amy will share some photos or did she cry pregnancy fatigue?

Nana said...

What a joyful time Nana had...and nice to know I got to share in one of Kellen's firsts!! Peace to you all in your new home...looking forward to a visit soon. Kisses, hugs to my beautiful family!!