Thursday, March 15, 2007


well yesterday i was getting the shakes. it had been 6 whole days without taking a single photograph. ok that is a lie, i did take photographs in CT and PA, just not with MY camera. i did snap some shots on Amy's and Nana's cameras. but i had none to call my own, none load on my computer. then came to my new home and could not show any of you our porgress this week, albeit slow, it is still progress that i am proud of. so after much whining about my camera not working Jason found my old battery and tried it in the camera . viola! it works! i think we bought the new battery because this "old one" was slow... but heck slow is better than dead! so we bought a $30.00 piece of poop at Best Buy and no longer have the receipt since it is lost in moving mayhem. oh well, like i said, slow is better than dead. so here are a few pics... just of kellen and casey's room all decorated and toy strewn, and of the lovely homecoming flowers i received from jason.... pretty

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