Sunday, April 01, 2007


Letter to Casey (my baby)

Well my little love it has been a year. A year of so many things. Becoming a mommy for the first time or the 3rd makes no difference, each birth is so very special and exciting and scary. You arrived April 1st, 2006, and you are nobody's fool. Your start in this world was a rocky one, with colic and sleeplessness, but when the storm cleared you became a ray of sunshine in our busy home. Your smile lights up a room, you are easy going, sweet and silly. You are curious, but not a talker. You love to dance and clap. You are fierceley independent and a great eater. i wish so many things for you as every mom does. but today is a day to just remember the past year. to smile and be a little sad that it has passed so quickly. you are "the baby" in the house, but you are no longer a baby. you will be running around here in no time and chatting up a storm. so happy birthday my little girl. i love you so.

highlights of the birthday girl's day.....

doesn't get much better than a bright bunch of balloons

presents?? what do i do with these?? (Kellen quickly showed her!)

cool birthday shades

have your cake and eat it too Casey!

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Pumpkinmama said...

Happy birthday Casey!