Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fat lip

Well you know it will happen, but are never really ready for it when it does. falls, spills, cracks of the head, scrapes, etc... today after lunch while heading to the car, Kellen discovered his jacket pockets and was telling us he was keeping his hands warm in his pockets. he was proud. his concentration on his hands and his pockets must have thrown his balance off, as he tripped over his own 2 feet and face planted onto the pavement! no hands to break his fall since they were neatly tucked in his pockets!!! scooped him up, his face all twisted in his silent scream... do you know the silent scream??? when their little faces are so twisted in pain and fear and thier mouth is open, but no sound is coming out. well he had that face on. blood was all inside his mouth (AHHHHHHH) ok now I am doing my silent scream on the inside. hoping his teeth are all there, that he did not put his teeth through his lip or bite his tonque, because that REALLY hurts... but no, just broke the skin on the inside of his lip and with all the saliva looked much worse than it actually was. we were just around the corner form our house so went home, got an ice cube and a wash cloth and cleaned him all up. a bit of a fat lip, but while taking photodocumentation of his injury he could barely contain his smile. must be ok. not so sure about me though.

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