Monday, May 21, 2007

"Big" Nana and Pa

Had a wonderful surprise on Sunday. We (Jason, myslef and all the kids) had gone for a long walk, got home and began to make lunch, when a strange vehicle pulled into our driveway. it was a new truck with Vermont license plates... Nana and Pa came and surprised us all! Nana and Pa are Jason's grandmother and dad. we call her "big" nana because kellen has a nana, a nanny and a mom-mom. so Phyllis gets to be dubbed "big" nana to diferentiate. plus she is big, not is size, but in heart and years. she is 90 years young! and truly young at heart. she doesn't slow down. she has always been able to outwalk me. she lights up a room as soon as she enters. she is a war bride, marrying Jason's grandfather Allen during World War II. She is from England and still speaks with her British accent. She sings and dances around the house, the kids just take right to her. kellen looks up at her and just beams. he thinks she is great fun. she sings funny toons to him that noone else knows, she gets right down and plays trains. our weather was uncooperative, but we all went out and had a nice dinner at the Captain's Galley, compliments of Nana. Pa was very generous and brought us his old lawn tractor. Jason and Kellen will have great fun with that new toy! thanks Pa. the visit was short but sweet. i hope they can come again and stay a bit longer and maybe enjoy some beach time as well. Thank you for the surprise visit, it was great!

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