Friday, May 18, 2007

Date with Daddy

Today we were to get family visitors from VT to join us for a party for Kellen. we just got sad news that this won't be happening since the driver, Pa, is very sick today. We are so very sorry for Pa and hope he feels better very soon. this occuring put an opening in our afternoon. Jason had already taken off from work to grocery shop and help get ready for the company and the party. it is a rainy , chilly afternoon here in Maine, can't go outside and play. so instead, sent daddy and Kellen out on a date. they are going to have lunch, I am guessing at Burger King, daddy's favorite fast food joint, and they give out crowns!!! then they are off to Kellen's very first movie theater experience... oh boy!!! he has only been 3 for 1 day and now he is going to the movies. I so hope they have fun. i am picturing them all huddled up in a seat, Kellen probably on daddy's lap, eating a big bag of "m's." (better known as m&m's) They are going to see "Shrek the Third". Kellen has seen 1 and 2 at home on dvd, and he has kind of a special connection since the princess's name is Fiona and that is Kellen's best friend's name. i can see him yelling in a lud voice, "daddy daddy, princess FeeNona!" as he says here's hoping they come home full of grins and excitement, and even a little belly ache from all the candy they ate! "purple" went along too just in case Kellen needs a little extra comfort in the big movie theater...

UPDATE: daddy and kellen return happily form the movie. kellen lasted the whole movie and daddy said he acted like he was an "old pro" at it. so success. now we just have to figure out how to calm him down from the "action" he just absorbed... :)

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Pumpkinmama said...

Duncan calls her Princess Fiona after meeting her this fall too! Also hoping to catch that flick with him soon.