Sunday, May 13, 2007

if all days could start like this....

ok i have to admit i did wake before the masses @ 6am from Casey's cries. ("momma ears", bat-like for those who are not mommas) bottle, check. fresh dipaer, check. uh-oh woke Kellen, get my pillows and a blanket and lie on his floor to get him back to sleep, check. Got an extra hour in this way. then when he (kellen) woke again, i crawled back into bed knowing daddy could take it from here. fell back to sleep again. then woke to the smell of coffee and my guys asking me if i wanted my muffin grilled. why yes! please. and bacon, please.... i cozied up with my pillows and my little guy with his superman pillow while daddy made us breakfast in bed. all beadheaded and bleary eyed. he blabbered on about his choo-choos and i nuzzled in his hair. (he has great hair!) the smell of food woke the 2 other ladies in the house and they joined the fun in the bedroom. Momma's B-n-B! not a bad place. So all cozied up togther i drank coffee, shared muffins and bacon, soaked up the sunshine, and admired the art work kellen had done with daddy , the handmade card (very thoughtful card from my teenager who i knock heads with almost ALL the time, so tears shed here) and bracelet from Taylor, and opened a gift from my friend, jen. an album full of beautiful and silly snapshots of all my kids complete with a beautiful inscription . jen is not yet a mom, but is the best aunt a kid could have and the greatest friend a girl could have. she loves all my kids as if they were a part of her. jason took shots of us with my gift from him, my shiny new camera. so life as you say is good. unfortunately all this had to end. showers had to be taken and teeth brushed, but boy was this a morning of sweetness. i am a lucky mom. hope all you mommas out there had blessings all your own with lots of hugs and smooches from your little ones.

bed head!

service here is awesome. and cute!

"pigs in a blanket"

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Pumpkinmama said...

Happy Mothers Day! Sounds wonderful.