Sunday, May 06, 2007

little dare devil



"rats! foiled again!"

i have learned that i cannot turn my back for one minute with casey. this is a hard adjustment since kellen was never an adventurous one. he still to this day has never attempted to climb out of anything, not a high chair, not his crib, not a shopping cart. this is SO not the case with little miss casey... nope! everything to her is a great escape or big climb. no fear, just goes for it. she must have heard the Nike slogan "just do it" and so she does. even strapped into a shopping cart she pulls a Houdini style move and the next thing you know she is standing in the front of the cart with this mischievous grin, like "haha you thought those straps would hold me??? silly woman." i hope she bounces becaue i know she is going to fall, it is inevitable, i have my hands full with 2 little ones and i know the eyes in the back of my head are blind, so like i said i hope she bounces... i better make sure our health insurance is all in order! i feel a cast coming on.


Pumpkinmama said...

Eeek! I worry that Ivy will be the same - Duncan was like Kellen, not a climber or getter-into-things-er.

Nana said...

Jason and Justin/Kellen and Casey...deja vue...NOW the gray hairs will really start to come in girl!! Hang on ..its a wild ride!! ;-)