Friday, May 04, 2007

sun sweet

Ahhhh the smell of it all, sunshine, sweat, fresh air, a little bit of dirt and dried leaves, and baby hair. nothing like it. the combination is almost intoxicating. all caught up in my little boy's curls and my baby girl's wisps of cornsilk hair. and that special little crook in their necks, extra salty from sun and sweat. it means fun was had, bellies giggled, little ones rolled and tumbled on the earth, casey ate a few bits of dead leaves and grass. sunny days like these are good for all of our souls. makes the time slip away and makes for hungry, sleepy babies ready to curl in thier blankets and take a nice afternoon nap. can you smell it??? oh how i wish you could.

soaking it all in

nothing says fun like big bouncy ball

tickling her own nose with a pine needle

trying his trike for the first time

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