Friday, May 11, 2007

mom's new toy

Taylor had her very first semi-formal dance tonight. 8th grader all gussied up. my camera , my trusy well used kodak, has been weary lately. some days taking great shots and others all blurry. most likely form gross overuse. well tonight was no exception. tried to take several shots of taylor and they were all out of focus. (now i know you are all thinking it is the photographer not the camera, but this is the "auto" setting for dummies and it has never done me wrong in the past) seeing my frustration, jason went to the car and pulled out a shiny new camera for my mother's day gift. he knows how much i LOVE to take pictires. so here are a few close-ups which i think show how nice the detail gets when you up the mega pixels a bit. thank you honey, it will be put to great use taking shots of our beautiful kids.

taylor all dance ready with her new favorite over the shoulder pose...

kellen and his denim eyes

casey our almost "brown eyed girl"

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