Wednesday, June 13, 2007

hot chocolate

For those of you in the know, The Polar Express movie holds a dear spot in our hearts here. Kellen loves this movie. For about 2 months he may have watched it every night. It of course involves his favorite, a train, but also a fun song and dance number "hot chocolate". We had gotten away from the movie, can't actually recall the last time we watched it. today is a lazy rainy day. Too cool and wet outside to play, and Kellen is feeling a bit under the weather as well, no real illness just not himself. Maybe he feels the weather in his soul a bit today. He has been extra cuddly, and even a bit needy. I thought a movie might be nice, cozy up with his blanket and then it hit me, "hot chocloate!" I miss him jumping around and dancing wildly to that part in the movie. yes it is a Christmas movie, but I love the theme of the movie, childhood the innocent believing in the unknown, and how we as adults lose this ability to just believe. we grow up and if we have kids and we get the chance once more to see life thorugh new eyes. so we have our ticket , "ticket please!" and we are ready to ride once more.

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