Friday, June 15, 2007

Last day

Well today is a milestone for my oldest, Taylor. Today is the last day of her middle school (junior high for us "old school" peeps) career. Next stop, high school. GULP! I loved high school. No and not for the learning of it. I was a lucky one, I was considered "popular". I was a football cheerleader, I had a large circle of friends. Looking back now my friends were pretty good eggs. Most went on to college and beyond. My mom probably thought they were no good and therefore i was no good. Now being the mom of a girl on the threshold of high school, I can see where she was coming from. Even the best kids have secrets. and you cannot trust anyone out there when it comes to your daughter! the enemy! cannot be trusted! I had a lot of freedom in high school, but if you asked the 15 year old me i would have said my life was a prison and my mom, the dreaded warden. But know I know this was not true. I had a job, I did my after school stuff, I lived at the pool in the summer, I even had a car. A 1980 Chevy Monza, burnt siena color. SWEET! and it was, it had 4 wheels, was pretty reliable mechanically, and it was mine and my ticket off the "mountain" where I lived. I didn't live in town where most of the kids lived, nope I lived on top of a hill in a Christmas tree farm. So if I wanted a "life" (as a teenager would see it) I had to get in my car and find one. And find I did.
Now Taylor is coming to this age of freedom. Where her friends become her world and she will pull further and further away form me. I see now that my mom must have been sitting on that "mountain" wondering where the heck i was, (no cell phones then) and who I was with, and was I clothed?!?! Would I survive the outside world and influences and come home? Now I get to wear these shoes and let me tell you they are uncomfortable! My brain knows I have to start letting go, but how? How are we expected to shelter and protect and then just set them free , but not too free?? help.
Well congratulations to Taylor on her last day of 8th grade. Maybe it's not too late to have her held back??? no just kidding.

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