Saturday, June 16, 2007

Liam: Unwavering Protector

A month ago I pointed any of my readers to a fellow momma blog, sweet salty kate. Mom of big brother Evan, and twins born too soon, Ben and Liam. Sadly when I eagerly went to her blog today to see if she may have found time to write or indulge us with any precious new pictures of her family, my breath was taken away, Liam is gone. So tiny yet so mighty these boys. So brave their mama. She found her primal strength to love her boys and share with us all her joys , her hopes, her fears, and even her deepest pain. So private a pain, yet she shares it still with us. Thank you Kate. Thank you so for sharing your boys with us all. I do not pretend to know your pain, yet I ache for you in a deep way. You have the greatest grace, a fierce strength, and a mighty heart. I looked up the meaning of Liam today and found this, and again it gave me pause. Such a poignant name for your beautiful son.

unwavering protector

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