Monday, September 10, 2007

is there a plumber in the house???

ok i am going to tell a story that being here i "know" it happened, but if i were reading i would swear it was a crazy lie! so today kellen peeed in his potty. (yeah kellen) i take said potty to empty pee in the big potty to flush it away... as i am doing this casey follows me into the bathroom , why? well because casey has now been assigned the task of being my shadow and she takes her job seriously! this distracts me momentarily since she is grabbing at the toilet seat while i have simultaneously flushed the toilet and reached for some toilet paper to wipe out kellen's potty to add it to my flush. in doing this the paper does not make a clean tear so i pull at it which proceeds to bring the whole roll of toilet paper with it , along with the toilet paper roll holder "thingy" and they plop into the pee filled , flushing toilet all at once. so now i have a dirty small potty in one hand and with the same hand i am trying to fend off casey with from sticking her hand in the dirty toilet, and with the other hand i am desperately grabbing at the toilet paper roll. GOT IT! phew i think for a minute....but then it dawns on me i have the roll but where is the roll holder "thingy"???!!!??!!! NO WAY! yep that is right the plastic or wooden "thingy" is now flushed into my pipe! oh i know what you are thinking, there is NO WAY that would fit down there. well i am here to tell ya, WAY! so now poor jason gets to come home from a long day of work to try and snake out the "thingy" from the toilet and if that is unsuccessful we get to pay a plumber some crazy ass amount of money to get him to remove it for us. great job kristin!

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