Saturday, September 08, 2007

post stealer

yes i am post stealing here. this is my hubby's story and my son's, not mine. i do not know first hand the fun they had, or the secrets they shared, but i am a proud momma. proud of both my guys taking their first overnight camping trip together. jason having grown up in picturesque northern Vermont has SO many stories of his childhood camping and hunting, or hunting camp anyway. so I know how important it is for him to share his love for the woods, and campfires, and hiking with all our kids. so last night was a special night for them. and Kellen did great and even asked to go to bed all on his own. by the looks of the pics they had a very nice trip. the first of many to come i am sure. so here are my stolen pics i will save the ones of the 2 of them for my hubby. i am sure he will have something witty or meaningful to write about this, where we all know i am just the picture lady.

i love this shot for he looks like he is ready to take off. so full of promise. like all he needs to do is jump and his cape will take him wherever he wants to go

what a beautiful setting

Bunganut Lake

(no that is not a joke!)

doing the "Tommy Jarrett" here for a fire dance

the dirty soot face taking effect here, he came home looking and smelling like a chimney sweep. it was great!

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