Friday, November 23, 2007


thasnkgiving is one of my favorites. a stellar meal as far as i am concerned. anything with gravy and potato filling can never be bad. so that aside, it is also a favorite because it is a time to just gather at the table for the nice meal, no gifts, no hoopla, just a nice day. oh yeah and my favorite parde is on tv, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade i think is just pure fun! i love a parade and i LOVE NYC, so put the 2 together and i am a happy girl. some times it is spent with friends, some times with family, but just an ordinary day to reflect on all one has to be thankful for. this year was the quietest of thanskgivings our family has seen in many years. no travel since i started a weekend job, most family live scattered about the eastern coast, same with friends. i made the meal and my mom brought 3 tasty treats for dessert. i did take a few pictures but none of them really captured the feel of the day. so i just wanted to write instead. i wish all holidays were this laid back and relaxed. both of our little ones even came down with colds that day and it was still a nice pleasant day. hope however you spent yours it gave you as nice of a feeling as ours gave me.

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