Monday, November 26, 2007

"that kid"

well she has done it again. my sweet casey is just "that kid". that kid who puts things in her mouth she shouldn't, "hey this time this might actually taste good" NOT! and climbs too high, and runs too fast, hence breaking her front tooth and having to have what was left of it extracted. she is just that kid. today she has proved so once again. the lovely casey for her next trick would like to insert an object into her nostril and then not be able to get it out. yep, breakfast wound up lodged in her nose. i could tell she was not just trying to blow boogies at me when she kept at it over and over and then prodding at her nose rather vigorously. so swept her up, grabbed the asperator (AKA boogie sucker) and began trying to see what was up there and after a few sucks a smushed up piece of banana emerged from her nose. (sigh) i sprouted several more gray hairs today, thank you casey.

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