Friday, January 04, 2008

a really happy start

not much of a better way to start off our new year here than to have jen and dan visit. jen arrived on new years day right in the midst of lots of snow storms. she likes snow so it was a gift for her! after much playing with the kids and nice dinners together at home, she and i had a drinks and dessert girls only trip to Portland. tried out a local "wine bar" , Una, that looked more like a gay club to me. lots of dance club music. this is totally fine with us since we are always mistaken for a "couple" for YEARS now. (except for my last trip to see jen where i was mistaken for our friend Matt's MOM!) had the place to ourselves and when our snack plate arrived the waitress thought it was for her and grabbed a hunk of our cheese, when our bartender looked at her with gigantic eyes that screamed "NO YOU DUMMY THAT IS FOR THEM!!!" gesturing to jen and i a few seats away. have to say that is a first. left there and checked out Street and Co. on Warf Street, it was about 2 degrees and windy so we weren't into lingering on any walk. just, yep there it is now GO! i almost took us out on the ice more than once. there we met a great friendly bartender. ordered up some warm coffee and delicious pecan pie. and this is where it got a bit weird. bartender finds out we both worked in restaurant biz and asks where. jen tells him she is from PA. long and short of it. he lived in Philly , jen is moving to Philly; he knows sign, jen knows sign; he took sign language classes at CCP, that is jen's old college before transferring to Rosemont. WEIRD! had such a nice time there decided we were SO going back the next night with the guys for a great seafood dinner.

then poor dewey gets delayed on his lay over in Cleveland. they send his plane back to Toronto TWICE with mechanical problems. never what you want to hear. after thinking he was going to have to fly home or to boston, he finally got here a little late and travel worn, but we made our dinner plans and then came home and played with the kids.

then more snow play and hugs and giggles and then off to Boston they went on the Downeaster train. 2008 had a lovely start, thanks guys!

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