Tuesday, January 08, 2008

tiny treasures

today was a bit of a reprieve for us. the sun shone brightly and with a warmth we have not seen in some time. most winter days i feel drained and have little energy to cart myself, let alone myself and 2 busy little ones too far outside our walls. too cold, too icy, too messy, so much to take, gloves hats coats drinks, nah just stay in. but today was a true breath of fresh air for us all, and fresh air that did not freeze the linings of our noses. so needed and so nice. my little scavengers find SO many things at the beach. every turn is a new adventure. shells to find and show proudly, gulls to chase and taunt and immitate, washed up lobster traps and driftwood pieces, all treasures in the hands of little ones. plus an added treat, Casey did not eat sand today.

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Maureen said...

Good job getting out. This warmer weather is certainly welcomed. And by no one more than you, I'm sure.