Wednesday, May 14, 2008

mmmmmmm pie

mmmmmmm pie
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had fun with the kiddos today and made a homemade chocolate cream pie blogged and highly recommended over at here by mackville road. let me tell you it was so super rich and chocolatey i could have licked the bowl inside out! yeah it is really that delicious. so click on over and try this for yourself. and trust me, not only does it taste devine, it is SUPER easy to boot!


yeah for pie!


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine makes a "better than sex" chocolate cake...really that's the name! Sounds just like the one you made today.

kristin said...

HA! i love that name!!! so much better than "choc cream pie" might need to rename it. :)

The Husband said...

Now hold on one second here! :)

kristin said...

sorry honey, it's chocolate, we take this stuff serious you know.. how about " not better than but just as good as sex choc cream pie? " ;)

Diane said...

Hee hee hee! There used to be a place that made these layer bars -- caramel, coconut, chocolate chips -- and they called them Orgasm Bars. I loved them but I really HATED asking for them. I would always try and get away with saying, pointing my finger, I'll have one of those please... It just led to a lot of hilarity on the owner's part, "Oh, you'd like an orgasm?" Horrifying! I'm glad you liked the pie, whatever you want to call it!