Sunday, June 15, 2008

pop-pop and c

pop-pop and c
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days like today push me to remember. my dad, what memories stand out?   i have been visiting some blogs tonight doing just this. my story like so many is of a broken family. i sadly have no memories of actually ever living in the same home with my dad. he was gone before it could stick. not gone from my life, but gone from our home and onto a new one. my parents just not a fit. happens and life does not stop or even pause, but rather marches on. so this being said my memories come in weekend spurts. he was my weekend daddy. i remember disjointed things, lincoln logs ( i think he bought me a huge tube of them) i remember him coming to my swim meets, he was a swimmer and i feel like i was born of the water, so i share this with him, i remember him visiting me in the hospital very young and giving me a huge teddy bear to sleep with, i remember his perm stage (yes PERM) and lamb chop sideburns, i remember he and my step-mom taking dance lessons and dancing together in the den, (he wasn't bad) i remember him taking me to fegley's for hot roast beef sandwich, fries smothered in gravy and pie, him dragging my little brother to my high school football games to watch me cheer, him "slipping" some disarona amaretto into my cokes from his bar (shhhhhhh. that was a secret) our summer vacas in stone harbor (the cheese steaks) he playing paddle ball for hours with me i think and him body surfing, driving 2 plus hours to and from to pick me up when my mom and step dad moved us to NJ. many years i didn't feel like he "knew me" but now as a parent myself i see how it must have been hard to do that. he only had bits and pieces of me. we were imperfect. just the hand that life dealt us. but now i see him with my kids. i think he really loves being a pop-pop. he is silly, he is loud, he gets on the floor with them to play whatever they want,he would be in his glory swimming with them in his pool and passing the love of water onto yet another generation, i know if we lived closer he would spoil them rotten. just knowing that is nice.
happy father's day daddy. love kristi

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Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome post. Amazing how you gain perspective as you grow, and realise that your parents, however flawed, just did the best they could.