Monday, June 30, 2008


what to say? it was fun filled 2.5 days! the kids got all the best of farm livin'; they got to ride the tractor with Pa, collect wood, DUMP the wood, make a fire and smores, pee in the dirt (ok just kellen, but still it was fun for him), pet a horse, run free and sometimes nekkid (ok just casey but again SUPER fun for her and fun for me to watch and snap photos of her cute bottom) make pictures with rocks in the dirt, pick sticks, get really really dirty (that is the BEST when you are little, permission to roll around and just get plain old dirty!) see "big" nana and celebrate her 90 years on the earth, chase that same nana, and nana can run!, eat yummy aunt judy cupcakes, try and make a bottle rocket out of mentos with uncle justin (wound up a dud) , lots of time with cousin gwen instant friends, see old friends like jean, color pictures with nana, make EVERYONE play and talk like a pirate "ARRRGGGH!" , see some pigs, hold a baby chick, discover the wildest moths, ride on "bumpy~bumps" roads, see big mountains, take lots of pictures, and make so many good memories. family. it was soooo very nice. thank you to all! and happy 90 "big" nana we love you!

and vermont in the summer is so lush and green, if you haven't been, do go!

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Anonymous said...

Oh this is my summer time fantasy. You described EVERYTHING I love about the country.
So glad you guys had a blast!