Monday, June 30, 2008

butterfly FUN!

kellen & gwen checking out a moth. i just love his expression!

just coming home form VT we saw some of the most amazing moths! they truly looked alien. pinks and greens and fuzzy as can be. when they spread their delicate wings they appear to have eyes just looking right at you. they were truly wonderful discoveries for my little nature lovers. then today i stumbled on this site for kids and adults. letters of the alphabet all found on the wings of butterflies! the ABC poster would make a great gift for any kid's room or teacher's wall for that matter! but you have to click on over to the free e-card button and compose a message to a friend then convert it to the most beautiful images. my son just loved it, and so did this momma. so please click over and see for yourself and maybe send a little note of your own to someone on the wings of butterflies.

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous work momma! i want to go there... hmm if I could only walk :P