Monday, July 28, 2008

pola crazy

pola crazy
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another reason i SO love flickr, INSPIRATION. Danisoul has been sick and away. very missed, but when she felt up to it she got up pointed her polaroid at the blue sky, clicked, went back to bed. that simple and that good. a good old boost for me for sure. thank you Dani, so good to see you back.  why is my polaroid getting no love these days? get it out, point it at sky, click and done. ahhh it felt good. now i need more film. :(


daniela said...

you just tickled and warmed my heart immensely! and ditto on the inspiration kristin. i love your style and your spirit.

thanks for the lovely words :-) xo

Philigry said...

love you blog! beautiful photos. I live in MAine as well, and have three kids too!
Happy summer.