Thursday, July 24, 2008

why do i love flickr???

margaritas, ditches, table top dancing, 1 hooded kiwi, cleavage, and did i mention margaritas??

yes folks THIS is why i LOVE flickr! 
(click above and scroll to comments.  1 fun party i tell ya.  hugs!)


Anonymous said...

Ha! Yeah baby, crazy Flickr Chikrs are the bestest :)

Anonymous said...

{snort}...the cleavage thing pushed me OVER THE EDGE!

That was the best!
All my love,

Heather said...

BAH!! Soooo freaking funny how quickly that post went to the gutter.

Love the gutter, BTW.

It's gonna happen, ya'll. Just as soon as I win the lottery. :)

jfrancis said...

just be thankful a tongue isn't
hanging out.