Monday, July 07, 2008

sending up a flare!

spilling sunshine
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hey blog world, i need your help. i am toying with the idea of placing some of my photos on Etsy or perhaps even a few local stores downtown. SO if i am going to put myself out there in the world with my photography i need a name. i saw lawyermama~steph do this on her blog. cry out into the void for any and all suggestions. she got "lighthearted photography" (GREAT ONE!) so friends, family, flickr pals, what do you think for me? my first name is kristin, my last name is WAY long but begins with a Z. it does NOT have to have my name in it. just something that fits me, my "work". so please help! just leave a comment(s) with any suggestions you have for me. please. i have a few ideas mulling around in my head but once i commit that is it. so maybe someone else will just have the right fit i am searching for. click on my flickr stream if you need some inspiration for a name... i love natural light, the sun, yellow, flares, sunbursts, nature... thank you, i am stumped. and if i pick YOUR name suggestion i will send you a surprise in the mail. now who doesn't like a surprise????


Pumpkinmama said...

OK - been racking my brain and finally have a good idea. How about "Sunny Side Up"

Anonymous said...

Lol, immediately I thought K to Z Photography...because it rhymes, ha!
But um,
A touch of light
A light touch
Naturally Lit
Flair for Flare
Light Matters
Lighting Life
Shine on Me
Endless Summer

I'll come back... :P
YOU ROCK SISTA! You will be fantastic, I know it. Go fourth and find fame and fortune! xxxx

Amy Bradstreet said...

Zunburst or Sunburst
Mellow Yellow
Sun Days
Sunlight, Sunbright
Mostly Sunny
Lemonade Days
A Certain Slant of Light
Full Spectrum
Ray of Light
A Place In The Sun
Love is Light

Anonymous said...


It spoke to me. Mwah!

kristin said...

ok you are all the bomb! i am gonna have a hard time! i will give it a few more days then i will announce the choice! keep em comin'!
and THANK YOU!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh fun, fun, fun!!!

How about...
Amor de sol (sun love in Spanish)


Anonymous said...

ok I'm back with more lol, I LOVE doing this:

Solstice Studios

Spectrum photography (although it sounds too close to rectum, lmao)

Natures Maine

Ray of Hope photography

Light, Laugh, Love Photogrpahy

I'll be back with more after another couple cups of coffee!

kristin said...
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kristin said...

HAR! "spectrum/rectum" !!!!! that would stick in peoples' minds for sure. maybe a good mind trick. you are crackin' me up! go. go get more coffee and come back quick! :) this IS so fun...

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, i was thinking of some cheesy John Denver songs that i'll spare you the details :) i LOVE hay's list and SUNKISSED!! wow, that's a winner in my book.

have a blast, etsy is super fun. i'm so glad you're getting out there, your stuff rocks!

Anonymous said...

How about, Sun Catcher Studios?

kristin said...

keep them comin'. i knew i could count on all of you for great suggestions. i will post the "winner" (I am the real winner with all this great help) on friday...

Anonymous said...

Sun Dial Studios

Corey said...

A few ideas so far...

Natural Flare
Light Catcher