Tuesday, July 08, 2008


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for once it was NOT thunder storming as we drove to pick up our weekly CSA share. this was the first week we received flowers, and they were just perfect, waiting for us in a glass mason jar (what else).  a gorgeous mix of snapdragons, pink delphiniums, cosmos, and queen anne's lace. as for our edible goodies this week, we saw peppers! a little hot one and a few baby green ones, we also received broccoli, lettuce, garlic scapes, kohlrabi, kale, scallions, and snap peas. it really has been a wonderful thing for all of us. exposing ourselves to veggies we had not known, forcing me to learn how to cook new things, and a weekly drive in the country to get it all, and now wildflowers to top it all off.


vintagechica said...

OK, how do I get my CSA folks to include flowers? This is great! And I sure do wish I had a creative smidge left in my brain to come up with a clever name for your new venture, but alas...I dont. But I SO would buy some of your photographs. So, count me in in that regard.

kristin said...

wow thank you! that is great. well check in i will announce it all soon i hope. yes flower share rocks! my farm is run by 2 women, that could be why! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love this. We have a farmers market that I shop at but nothing is free, lol.

Very cool.