Wednesday, August 27, 2008

elusive teen spotting

i am sure many people who view my pics and read here think i have 2 adorable children, 2 and only 2. well that is not so, yes i have 2 toddlers, but add 1 very tall,(almost 6 foot) blonde 15 year old teen girl. my first born, the one who made me a momma. i have no idyllic version of life with a teenager. we butt heads, a lot. of course the cliche applies it is because i want the best for her, but more so i want the best from her. all that aside, she is growing and changing , had her first summer job and by the way did AWESOME! she went to work, made new friends, and even called on her days off to work more shifts! i am very proud of her efforts this summer and the positive changes i see growing in her. next year she will learn to drive, i may need vodka, lots of vodka! eventhough she dwells here everyday she rarely allows me to take pictures of her. that tweenhood of awkwardness, uncomfortable in her new body , heck sometimes just plain hiding out in her room with her phone and computer doing her own thing as all teens do... as i did (minus the computer)! but the other day i got some shots off. and i love them, and you know what?  SHE loves them. that makes me so happy that she can look at an image and think she looks "cool".  mission accomplished.  


ELK said...

thank you for sharing Kristen ~ the photos are beautiful ~ I have a teen who does not mind her mom taking/posting photos but gets veto power!

Leslie said...

These photos are great! I hear you about the teen photo thing...I have two, but very few photos of either. That's why I resort to taking pictures of flowers and food :-) I need to borrow someone's toddlers so I can get my cute fix!